About The Nonverbal Projekts

The Nonverbal Projekts is an initiative to help people improve different aspects of their life through changing their nonverbal communication.

Most nonverbal communication researchers argue that nonverbal communication expresses significantly more information than does verbal communication. However, we all grow up learning how to read, write, and express ourselves verbally while spending little or no time learning how to express ourselves through nonverbal communication.

Because of this lack of learning of nonverbal communication, people have little idea as to how to control their nonverbal cues so that others can perceive them in a different way. Does your boss treat you insignificantly? Does your dog disobey you? Do your children talk back to you? Are you nervous in certain situations? Do you have a hard time attracting another person?

All of these issues can be resolved by changing your nonverbal communication.

The Nonverbal Projekts does not limit its teachings to body language (it is really called kinesics!). It focuses on other aspects such as vocal expression, how you look, your space, your facial cues, your time, and more!

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